1. Chose Your Style

  • Sandwich – Our Housemade, Yummy Breadpocket + Protein Choice
  • Wrap – ‘Burrito Style’ Tortilla Wrap + Protein Choice
  • Salad – Local Greens and Vegetables + Protein Choice
  • Box – Fries + Protein Choice
  • Plate – Rice or Fries, Mac Salad or Tossed Greens + Protein Choice

2. Fill It

  • Spit Roasted, All Hawaiian Beef – Our Doner Kebap
  • Falafel – Our Famous Vegan Recipe
  • Schnitzel – Katsu Style (Pork Loin or Chicken Breast)
  • Fish – Fresh Catch of the Day (Market Price)

3. Pick Your Sauce

  • Garlic Yogurt(Zaziki Style; Cucumber, Dill, Roasted Garlic
  • Herb Yogurt(Parsley, Basil, Roasted Onion)
  • Sriracha Mayo(Housemade Mayo, Sriracha) 
  • Guava Vinaigrette(Local Guava Puree, Olive Oil, Local Honey)
  • Spicy Roasted Red Veggie
  • Lebanese Garlic
  • Tarter Sauce
  • Burger Sauce

4. Choose Your Veggies

  • Lettuce, Cabbage, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Jalapeno


Breakfast is served from 6:30AM until 10AM. We are now offering fresh from NY bagels. Choose from Sesame, Poppy Seed, Everything or Pumpernickel.

  • Lox (wild caught salmon, cream cheese, capers, red onion, dill tomato)
  • ALT (avacado, lettuce, tomato, cream cheese, sprouts)
  • Elvis (peanut butter, banana, honey drizzle)
  • Hummus (housemade lebanese hummus, seasonal veggies)
  • Bacon & Egg (cream cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, sprouts)

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